WAMPServer Install with innoDB parameters causes MySQL error


I didn’t know that you can do either a XAMPP or a WAMP install on Windows to run Apache/MySQL/PHP for local testing, so I thought going with WAMPserver would be the better choice because of the W factor in the name. I needed the install to compare different CMS systems. I had no problems installing Joomla!, Drupal, and Plone, but I just couldn’t finish my installs for the collaboration tools ProjectPier and OpenGoo (which is pretty much an extended ProjectPier version).  The latter require  innoDB support,  and I followed a tutorial for installing Project Pier on XAMPP (http://www.projectpier.org/node/223), because there were no WAMP instructions. It had instructions to add the innoDB parameters to my.ini in the mysql root folder.

After adding the parameters, I suddenly encountered a #2003 error (access denied) for phpMyAdmin. I posted the parameters I used on various forums (such as wampserver.org, projectpier.org, opengoo.org, but didn’t get any feedback (those forums are not very active at all).  I was convinced that it had to do with the directory names of my WAMP install, because it puts the apache/php/mysql files in sub-directories that contain the version numbers. So mysql gets installed in C:/wamp/bin/mysql/mysql5.1.33 for example. I thought that the periods in the directory name were causing the issue, but had no easy way to change that on Windows without uninstalling and starting from scratch (I already had Joomla and Drupal running on it, so I didn’t want to uninstall anything).

Finally I found the answer after googling the event log error “wampmysqld: unknown variable  innodb_log_arch_dir” at http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=36371. Turns out, innodb_log_arch_dir is no longer in use. As of MySql 5.1.21 if this variable is used, MySql will not start. This is what happens when you follow instructions that are old or don’t have a date stamp at all (it looks like it’s from a manual that is no longer updated? Probably because the developers moved to Open Goo by now.)

So I took out innodb_log_arch_dir from my.ini in my WAMP install and error disappeared. Wish I would have found that faster, but google cannot always find what I need when I need it. Grrr. Where is the semantic web?

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Thanks for the tip! It just saved me who knows how many minutes. I just recently installed the latest WAMP for my dev needs and did not realize that I do not have innodb installed.