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Adding Google maps iframe to Joomla!

Is Joomla! giving you a hard time with inserting an iframe from google maps? Get step-by-step instructions on how to easily display your map (no editor plugin required!).

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Remove “Name ActiveX Control” from SharePoint site

To remove the ActiveX install request on a public facing website or an intranet site  that does not use presence information, I followed the following (really old, but hey it worked!) blog post. It involves adding a custom js file

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SharePoint: Easy way to download or copy list attachments to document library

I didn’t find a complete solution when I googled this, so I am writing down the steps how to get SharePoint list attachments copied to a document library (or in general, just get the list attachments to a local folder).

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Simple free diff tool for Mac OS X 10.5: Kdiff3

I needed a diff tool to compare text files on my Mac, and it turned out to be a time-consuming endeavor to find a basic free diff tool. One option is to install the Mac developer toolkit Xtools, but if

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CamelcityContent V2.3 for Joomla! not displaying user name

I recently installed CamelcityContent (v.2.3) to give authors and editors the option to view their unpublished articles from the frontend. However, the user name doesn’t show up in the user column. I updated the code as follows to display the

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“Warning: Missing argument 3” error after restoring joomla site with kickstart

I used joomlapack/kickstart to download my live site to localhost. After I was done, I was first greeted by a blank page. To resolve this, I first turned on Error reporting > Maximum in  Site configuration >Server. This then showed

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Amazon Kindle with birds shown on screen

Lawsuit against Arizona State University for considering Kindle DX

Two weeks ago, the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) and the American Council of the Blind (ACB) filed suit against Arizona State University (ASU) for planning to use Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader as a means to distribute textbooks to

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